Buy or Lease the Equipment Your Company Needs

There is more than one way to achieve working capital for your business. Purchase the equipment your company needs with equipment financing through HDA Financial Firm. Regardless of how big or small your equipment needs are, there is financing available. Free up cash flow with the right type of financing for your business.

Necessary Equipment

Regardless of the business size, equipment is necessary to operate whether it’s a bulldozer for a construction company or a new computer for an accountant. Financing equipment is especially important for startups to grow and meet client needs. Companies have the option to finance or lease the equipment whether new, used or upgraded.

Financing Details

Receive a payment structure that suits your business. Repayment options are available up to 84 months with excellent interest rates for qualified companies. No financial statement is necessary for up to $150,000 in funding. By big-ticket items with middle-market financing up to $500,000. Businesses can take advantage of little or no down payment requirements for the funding.

Leasing Options

Not interested in a loan? Equipment leasing offers businesses another way to get the equipment they need to succeed. Monthly payments are fixed and manageable for your business. Your accountant may find significant tax advantages for your company. Leasing allows your business to free up cash by lowering expenses. Use leasing to upgrade equipment to stay as current as possible. Leasing doesn’t impact any existing credit lines while increasing cash flow.

Additional Programs

For those with less-than-stellar credit, B, C and D credit programs can provide the necessary financing. Use existing equipment equity as working capital through the Sale & Lease Back program. Receive guaranteed-approved financing for leases for municipal and government entities such as:

  • Firehouses
  • Federal government agencies
  • Police departments
  • Public schools
  • Armed services
  • State agencies
  • Libraries

Regardless of your equipment financing or leasing needs, HDA Financial Firm has you covered. Call today to see how you can get started.