Do You Have the Right Financing for Your Medical Business?

The healthcare industry is one that is incredibly important to society at large and HDA Financial Firm is happy to offer businesses in this field with healthcare financing. Through our funding, we’ll help you meet customer demand, keep up with changing trends and scale your growth.

How This Loan Benefits You

Improving your medical business is essential for success and growth in your field, whether that is a medical office, veterinary clinic, dental practice or chiropractic business. The many uses of this financing include the following:

  • Lease tools and equipment
  • Acquire or merge with other practices
  • Consolidate debt
  • Use for working capital

Our loans come with generous agreements that can last up to 25 years to help create low monthly payments for you. We also don’t report these to personal credit bureaus and do not require payments up front. That way, you can use the financing however you need to without repercussions.

Contact the Team at HDA Financial Firm Today

Get ready to be approved within as little as one day when you contact us and apply for our healthcare financing today. Your questions are important and we’d be happy to answer them. Or, if you want to dive right in and know this is the right choice for your company, we’ll give you an application without further ado.