How Surveys Can Bring Customer Service Success

At one time or another, every small business owner falls into the trap of thinking they know everything about how their business is perceived. The reality is, the fact that you spend each day living and breathing all aspects of the company makes it impossible for you to be objective about it. For example, you probably see, hear, and say your business’ slogan dozens of times a day. This may make you assume that everyone knows it, and knows it belongs to your company.

Luckily, a pool of objective people who will benefit from evaluating your business: your customers! Here are some of they ways surveying your clients can help you become more successful.

You’ll Get Honest Feedback

Whether it’s customer service, the quality of your product, or the functionality of your website, you can expect customers to respond honestly to a survey if the results are confidential. In fact, some of the responses may be incredibly direct and brutal, but you need to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. Once you’ve gotten over the shock of a bad response, it’s easy to tell if the person had a legitimate complaint or are just venting about something unrelated or out of your control.

It Can Help You Evaluate Your Product Line

While most surveys focus on customer service, you may gain insights into your product or service. If people rave about an item that you didn’t realize was popular, you’ll consider making more of them. If no one mentions a product in your catalog, you may re-evaluate if it’s worth keeping.

It Can Help Craft Your Marketing Strategy

Along the same lines as product evaluation, surveying may help you uncover the hook for your next marketing campaign. It may involve a last-ditch effort to push a product lacking awareness, or you may realize that everyone loves your number-one seller so much that you can hang your hat on its strength. As a bonus, people with a great customer service experience may provide you with a testimonial that you can use very effectively in advertisements.

Best Practices

If you’re sold on sending your customers a survey, here are some guidelines: Do it at least once a year, keep the survey confidential, short, and easy to fill out. If it can be done electronically, so much the better.

Your customers see a side of your business that you simply can’t. Ask them what they think, and what they tell you may be very enlightening!


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