Top 10 Mistakes Made in Commercial Real Estate Investing

Real estate is among the most lucrative investments today. Investing in real estate requires you to be well-informed about the trends and nuances in the market. It’s wise to avoid these costly mistakes before investing in commercial real estate.

Failure to Plan

Failure to plan before venturing into commercial properties is a common mistake made by amateur investors. You can avoid this pitfall by first establishing an investment plan before looking for commercial property. That way, you purchase a property that matches your investment model.

Expecting Quick Money

Don’t imagine that you will make profits overnight. It’s a long-term investment project. You will realize profits, but after a few years, and not within a month or six.

Incorrect Property Value

Another common mistake made by commercial property investors is incorrectly assessing the value of a commercial property. Commercial properties are not equal. They vary based on the local economy, location and quality of construction. Failure to correctly assess the above variances results in financial pain.

Disregarding Diversification

Investors make the mistake of not diversifying to reduce risks. You need to understand the types of risks that compromise commercial property investments before investing there. You can also avoid this pitfall by owning different commercial properties in different locations, layouts, and desirability so that you can spread and reduce risk.

Gross Income

The other common mistake made by commercial investors is purchasing a commercial property solely based on the total income. On the contrary, investors should also consider the net income after expenses. You can work with a professional to educate you on inspections that affect returns of commercial properties.

Doing It Alone

You should not get into commercial real estate alone. It’s wise to hire an experienced real estate professional for advice. A home inspector, a lender, closing lawyer and appraiser can also help.

Ignoring Due Diligence

You need to do due diligence on a property before purchasing it. A costly legal mistake could wreak havoc when seeking financing. Inspect the property for any repairs or renovations.

Overlooking Property Managers

It’s wise to hire a good property manager to manage your properties. Property managers interview tenants and maintain the property. They also collect rent on your behalf.

Overlooking Local Market

Don’t invest in a property without a clear understanding of the local market. Understand its needs and market gap. That way, you invest in a desirable property.

Local Zoning Ordinances

Evaluate the current zoning ordinances before investing in a property. The laws guide property usage in the area. Otherwise, you may violate the rules.

Avoid these mistakes to succeed in real estate. It would be wise to consult a real estate agent. You don’t want to make losses.


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